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The acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) is an amorphous polymer which belongs to the styrenics. The characteristics of ASA depend on the nature of the individual components; the acrylonitrile gives it hardness, good mechanical characteristics and chemical inertia, while the unsaturated acrylic polymer (which does not have double bonds and is therefore not subject to deterioration processes if exposed to atmospheric agents) increases impact strength and resistance to UV rays. In the end, the presence of styrene improves brilliance, workability and surface hardness. ASA can be considered as a compromise between an ABS and a PMMA, but it is not transparent.

Due to these characteristics, ASA is in particular used for outdoor applications that require good mechanical resistance in addition to weather resistance, thus replacing HIPS (high impact shockproof polystyrene). Unlike other polymers, ASA maintains its color and impact resistance even after years of outdoor exposure.

ASA qualitative properties: UV resistance, impact resistance, reduced deformability, excellent dimensional stability, anti-scratch properties, high resistance to chemicals, heat and aging, brilliance, low shrinkage.


  • Automotive;
  • Lighting;
  • Electrical and electronic items;
  • Garden furniture, gardening and lawn equipment;
  • Sporting goods;
  • Construction (external ventilation grilles, terrace floors, wall coverings or window profiles);   
  • Extrusion.

Natural or Compound types of colored ASA (RAL, Pantone or sample references) for injection molding of aesthetic and resistant to weathering details.   

Available in various versions:

  • F: improved melt index grade;
  • UV: improved UV resistance;

or, if possible, with a combination of the above characteristics.

Coloring : Full Compound or Dry Blend (SPL).

Natural or Compound types of colored ASA TR (RAL, Pantone or sample references) for injection molding of resistant to weathering parts requiring an improved thermal resistance.

Coloring : Full Compound or Dry Blend (SPL).


The chart shows the various types of products we are present on the market with:


ASA chemical name (IUPAC):                       acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate

CAS Number:                                                      9003-54-7

ASA recycling code:                                          Number 7

Custom tariff:                                                     39039090