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  • Blend PC/ASA  is a mixture of PC and ASA. ASA is an amorphous polymer that offers good resistance to both UV rays and humidity, while PC has high impact and temperature resistance. PC/ASA therefore guarantees high elongation at break, excellent aesthetic appearance, excellent dimensional stability and excellent colorability.

Typical applications of PC/ASA : automotive industry; electrical and electronic appliances; consumer goods and household items; security equipment; lighting; medical; building.


  • Blend PC/PBT is a mixture of polycarbonate (PC) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). PC/PBT is a polymer that has good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical resistance even at low temperatures, heat resistance and good fluidity.

Typical applications of PC/PBT : items for the electrical and electronics industry (connectors - sockets - containers - low voltage electrical panels - accessories for lamps - switches); automotive industry (components for the ignition system - components for the electrical system - sensors, engine compartment components); housings for household appliances, various containers, components for insulation, components for plumbing; can also be used in accessories for hydraulics, wind, robotics, geothermal, drones.


  • Blend PA/ABS are blends of polyamide plus ABS which, thanks to a special formulation, simultaneously enjoy the advantages of an amorphous and a semi-crystalline product. PA / ABS blends in fact offer the typical advantages of ABS, such as chemical resistance and stress cracking, with at the same time smoothness of the surface and abrasion resistance. Compared to polyamide, PA / ABS also improves workability and the tendency to shrink and deform. In addition, it reduces water absorption, increases impact resistance and traction characteristics on newly printed products. However, since the addition of semi-crystalline PA to ABS increases the shrinkage of the mold, the addition of filler is recommended. Due to the high processing temperatures of the PA, it is essential to use high heat ABS. For adequate impact performance, at least 10% by weight of ABS must be removed, but compatibility is required at this level. The alloys show good workability, surface finish, high heat stability, resistance to chemicals, oils, wear and abrasion, dimensional stability, low temperature impact resistance, reduced sensitivity to humidity.

Typical applications of PA/ABS : peripheral components of the automotive dashboard, central control panels, dashboard covers and air conditioning vents, sports equipment and housings (thanks to the excellent impact at low temperature and fatigue resistance), ski wheels for motorcyclists, ski boots , heels, lawn mowers, PC and housings for power tools.


  • Il Blend PA6/66 is a co-polyamide of PA6 and PA66, which combines the high thermal performance of PA66 with the best planarity and dimensional stability of PA6. PA6/66 is a polymer that has an intermediate viscosity, an exceptional rigidity and ductility, in a wide range of applications. The optimized crystallization profile improves melting, allowing parts with excellent intermediate layer strength and high surface quality.

Typical applications of PA6/66 : this blend is suitable for long-lasting applications that require good mechanical properties, temperature resistance and chemical aggressions, in particular for electronics, automotive, drones, prostheses, biomedical, robotics, 3D printers.


Natural or Compound types of colored PC/ASA opaque or transparent (RAL, Pantone or sample references) for injection or extrusion molding. The grades have different levels of thermal resistance, excellent mechanical and molding properties.

Available in various versions:

  • T65: standard grade; 
  • T85: high heat grade;
  • T85 BPT 125: high heat grade , BPT 125 available on request;
  • FR: flame retardant grade, V0 a 1.6mm;
  • FR F HF: flame retardant grade, V0 a 1.6mm, improved melt index grade, halogen free;
  • FR HF DP: flame retardant grade, V0 a 1.6 mm, Vicat B 100÷110°C, with reduced values of opacity and smoke density.

Coloring : Full Compound or Dry Blend (SPL)..

Natural or Compound types of colored  PC/PBT  (RAL, Pantone or sample references) for injection molding.

Coloring : Full Compound or Dry Blend (SPL) according to the type.

Natural or Compound types of colored  PA/ABS  (RAL, Pantone or sample references) for injection molding.

Coloring : Full Compound or Dry Blend (SPL) according to the type.

Natural or Compound types of colored PA6/66 (RAL, Pantone or sample references) for injection molding.

Available in various versions:

  • UG: standard type, different Viscosity / fluidity index;
  • KW: different heat-stabilized grades;
  • F: various nucleations ;
  • FV - SV: with different percentages of glass fiber, glass beads or a combination of both;
  • EM: with different percentages of elastomer;
  • FR: flame retardant grade;
  • FR FV: flame retardant grade and glass fiber reinforced;

or, if possible, with a combination of the above characteristics.

Coloring : Full Compound or Dry Blend (SPL).


The chart shows the various types of products we are present on the market with:

Custom tariff PC/ASA:                                          39033000

Custom tariff PC/PBT:                                          39079920

Custom tariff PA/ABS:                                          39033000

Custom tariff PA6/66:                                            39081000