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The masterbatch is a product which, due to its high concentration of pigments and additives, allows the coloring and/or transformation of the starting thermoplastic material, with the addition of specific characteristics. It is suitable for small productions as an alternative to the compound.

The masterbatches can be made on different supports/resins according to the need (UN, PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PC, PA, PU, POM, BLEND).


Masterbatches can be provided as opaque or transparent and on the base of the required support:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Colored  (RAL, Pantone or sample referencs);
  • Opalescent;
  • Special effects.

On request also available in compliant FDA version .

Different kinds of masterbatches additives on the base of the required support:

  • UV: improved UV resistance;
  • FR: flame retardant;
  • AB: anti-bacterial agent;
  • ES: blowing agent;
  • SC: slipping agent;
  • AT: anti-static agent;
  • FC: conductive (carbon fiber);
  • FC FV: conductive (carbon fiber and glass fiber);
  • F: nucleating agent;
  • LS: laser marking.

The chart shows the various types of products we are present on the market with:

Custom tariff:                                                       32041700